Di Sweet Tings

Warm Sweet Potato Pudding - A true carribean dessert staple flavored with island spices served with rum raisin ice cream "A Must Have!"7.00
Ginger Sweet Potato Creme Brulee - our version of a french classic, dusted withTurbinado sugar and caramelized 7.25
Chocolate Molten Cake - Ghiradelli chocolate , vanilla ice cream, mango sauce 7.50
Key Lime Pie - key lime custard pie baked in graham crust with whip cream6.95
Seasonal Cheesecake - silky cheesecake topped and flavored with seasonal fruits "A Coconuts Favorite!"7.25
Ice Cream Selections - vanilla, rum rasin, strawberry 5.95

Dessert combos

  • 2 choices for 11.00
  • 3 choices for 15.00

Coffees & Teas

Calypsonian Coffee - Hot coffee, Mount Gay rum and Tia Maria liquer7.00
Carribbean Coffee – Myers dark, hot coffee, whipped cream with a touch of hazelnut 7.00
Hot Coconut Coffee – Cruzn coconut rum, kalhua, whip cream, caramel7.00
Blue Mountain Blend2.50
Selection of teas2.50