Di Small Tings

Jerk Wings - harbarnero blue cheese sauce, chili dipping sauce "Our Must Have Appetizer!"9.00
Blue Crab Dip - blue crabmeat folded in light curry sauce baked until golden served with crostini 10.95
Coconuts Guacamole Platter - curried garbanzo beans, green plantain tostones, pica de gallo Gluten Free 7.95
Coconut Shrimp - coated in coconut crust, mango dipping sauce 10.95
Mini Patty Sampler - chicken and beef patties baked in a buttery pastry, creole sauce 8.00
Codfish Fritters - salted codfish folded in a batter with onions, tomatoes, crispy fried, served with lemon tarter sauce "An Island Staple!"7.95
Jerk Pork Bites - slow cooked pork, candied boniato, pickled red onions, mango sauce 9.25
Chef’s Sampler Platter - codfish fritters, mini patty, coconut shrimp, jerk wings , chicken and beef mini patties served with dipping sauces 18.75
Salad of the Sun - shaved heart of palm, romaine heart, avocado, chayote squash, bell peppers, tamarind viniagretteGluten Free7.00
Irie Salad - roasted kabocha squash, spinach, raisins, cashew, quinoa, balsamic dressing Gluten Free 7.50
Jerk Cobb Salad - bacon, egg, avocado, blue cheese, tomatoes, ranch dressing 
chicken 10.50 | salmon 12.75 | jerk steak 15.00 | five jerk shrimp 13.75
Island Salad - organic mix greens, candied boniato potatoes, jerk vegetable mango dressing 7.00
chicken 10.50 | salmon 12.75 | jerk steak 15.00 | five jerk shrimp 13.75

Gluten Free: glutenfree